Exito Electronics Co., Ltd.

We're More Than A Manufacturer
Exito is a worldwide supplier with a 30 year history and professionals positioned to satisfy your every requirement:

Over 1,500 Ton copper capacity
A variety of custom and patented products 
Renovation services
A complete line of bulk cable options
A large selection of plug collections
A full array of finished goods offerings
Continued R&D abilities
Convenient factory locations
Inexpensive ordering and delivery options
Ease of purchase

We Do Business Your Way
We have a dedicated support team, with the tools, resources and know-how to do business your way.
Different teams devoted to proposals, purchase orders, corporate bids, financial affairs, R&D, market research, industrial/ graphic design, and outstanding factories.

Tailored support to large scale and special orders.
Support for all OEM and ODM ordering and contracting.

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